Davey&Dyer live at the Poly, Falmouth.
This is a set of tunes called 'Dynamite Quay'. They are three kabm pemp tunes written by Len Davies.
Autumn 2018

Neil Davey and Jen Dyer are two of the leading proponents of Cornish traditional Celtic music. They are members of internationally acclaimed Cornish band Dalla. They play bouzouki, fiddle and viola, and the repertoire of Cornish Celtic music, both new and old, ranges from stonking Celtic jigs, reels and polkas, to the exotic almost Balkan sound of some of the Cornish five-steps, as well as some heart-meltingly beautiful and hypnotic slower pieces. 

Neil and Jen play totally Cornish Celtic music. It's great for festival stages, pubs, dance nights and everything in between! Neil and Jen also host a Cornish Traditional Music session each week at Seiners in Perranporth, Cornwall. Join us from 8pm for a couple of hours of tunes with lots of friends!


Davey&Dyer live at Degol Stul - this years 12th Night celebrations at Grampound Village Hall. 

Thanks for the video Brendan, and for doing the sound! 

January 2020. 

New album, out now! 'Dynamite Quay'

Davey&Dyer live at the Poly, Falmouth.
This is the second half of a set, including 'Not Too Young Too Marry Yet, and The Chain Locker'
Autumn 2018


Image: Rachel Lewin

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